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How Secure is the Cloud?

by Resource 1 on March 11, 2013


Cloud computing is so ubiquitous that most companies have evaluated, if not already implemented, a cloud-based strategy. With benefits that can’t be refuted, small to medium sized companies are turning to the cloud in droves. Although the cloud produces infrastructure efficiencies and increased overall organizational flexibilities, the associated security issues have proven to be significant […]


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IT Consulting Firm vs.VMS Program

by James P. Gardner on March 4, 2013


What are the benefits of working with an IT consulting firm versus a VMS Program? VMS (Vendor Management System) Programs are (typically) web-based applications that act as a mechanism for businesses to manage and procure a wide array of staffing services. While their inception is nothing new, the widespread adoption of the VMS, specifically by […]


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Is Cloud Computing for you?

by John A. Mussatto on February 25, 2013


Cloud computing is currently one of the hottest topics among the tech community today. Computing in the ‘Cloud’ evokes images of applications floating above in some viscous cloud, reliably levitating availability whenever needed. The term perfectly describes what cloud computing actually is – a way to increase capacity and add capability at will without investing in new […]


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5 Traits Clients Look for in a Firm

by Gary R. Moore on February 14, 2013


When looking to outsource IT staffing, it’s imperative to partner with a trusted source to ensure you truly are getting what you pay for. What questions should you ask your staffing suppliers to weed out those who aren’t so reputable? What qualities do the dependable options possess?


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Advantages: Small vs. Large IT Staffing Firms

by James P. Gardner on December 11, 2012


Strategic IT initiatives have tangential effects across the enterprise, and as such, require both in-house and outside resources for on-time completion.  When seeking augmented staffing services for critical projects, can maximized value be garnered from the small IT staffing firm? Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better.


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