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Is the Interview Enough to Determine a Candidate’s Cultural Fit?

by Anastasia C. Valentine on February 17, 2016


According to, a record 78% of hiring managers are planning to hire tech talent this year.  Currently, we’re under no delusions about just how competitive the market for IT professionals has become. Every industry and sector demands key technology players to keep their business ahead of the game. The right combination of skills and […]


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Strategies to Bridge Communication in a Cross Generational Workplace

by Anastasia C. Valentine on October 5, 2015


  How do you clearly communicate anything in a workplace that mixes two or more generations? Today’s workforce is a diverse tribe of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, presenting an unparalleled challenge to companies large and small. Each generation comes with its own workplace advantages and disadvantages. The key to communicating with different generations […]


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4 Nearly Impossible-to-Fill Tech Hires and How to Find Them

by John A. Mussatto on August 31, 2015


  Have you ever encountered an IT position that you just cannot fill? No matter how extensively you search the local talent pool, no viable candidates turn up. Meanwhile, a variety of other positions have been opened and filled with minimal effort. It is not a stretch to say that you are at your wit’s […]


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How Prepared Are You for the IT Talent Shortage?

by Anastasia C. Valentine on July 16, 2015


  Many of our clients have been wondering what the IT talent shortage means for their business. Though not everyone is feeling a strain in their hiring yet, the following factors threaten to prolong the time it takes to find most IT professionals:   Studies find that 3% of declared STEM majors leave for another […]


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Why You Can’t Ignore the IT Market in Chicago

by Anastasia C. Valentine on June 4, 2015


  Chicago has long been a hub for innovation and creating technology that is cutting edge. Major companies like Boeing, Motorola, Google, GrubHub and Groupon along with start-up organizations have made Chicago a true pacesetter in the world of information technology. Yet when people look for hot beds of IT innovation, their compass typically points […]


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Why You Should Hire IT Professionals Based on Cultural Fit

by Anastasia C. Valentine on July 21, 2014


The current state of the IT market is making it harder to find the technical talent you need today.  Having fewer technical candidates in the marketplace is making hiring managers everywhere scratch their heads, wondering how they’re going to fill their jobs.  This IT talent shift has forced many companies to change the way they […]


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