Advantages: Small vs. Large IT Staffing Firms

by James P. Gardner on December 11, 2012



Strategic IT initiatives have tangential effects across the enterprise, and as such, require both in-house and outside resources for on-time completion.  When seeking augmented staffing services for critical projects, can maximized value be garnered from the small IT staffing firm? Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better.

Here are some advantages the small IT staffing firm can bring to the organization that the big companies just can’t match:


The smaller staffing firm is much less commoditized.  If you partner with a firm that carries only a few clients rather than hundreds, the firm is bound to have a much better understanding of your staffing needs.

Partnership and foresight

Because of their size and subsequent ability to focus in on fewer clients, smaller staffing firms are better able to project what needs you will have in the future.  They take the time to get to know you.


Smaller companies are more willing to bend on pricing and offer promotions and incentives.  Any business is important to the small company, and they are willing to prove it.


The small firm will have a smaller a client base, so they are forced to be more dedicated to servicing all their clients’ needs. They’re also dedicated to doing whatever it takes to win and keep your business.


With fewer clients to service, smaller firms will be more in-tune with the type of candidate desired, the work environment, customer dynamics, and price point.  It’s going to be a lot less likely you’ll receive the “Hail Mary” candidate submission for an opening. Most small staffing firms will be spot on with their staffing.

Executive Involvement

The president or owner is more apt to be involved in day to day business with the client.  Expect expedited issue resolution, fee disputes, and more immediate and impactful customer service from the little guy. The larger companies may leave you tangled in more red tape before they can solve your problem.

No Politics

Large companies have more internal management levels and chains of command which birth countless approval processes that must occur before a deal can be inked.  Smaller companies offer less bureaucracy, enabling an expedited flexibility that the large company simply cannot provide.


There’s no question that at the end of the day the most important thing is getting the job done, whether it be with the large staffing firm or the smaller guys. However, in the long run, there are concrete benefits in working with the minority.  Greater flexibilities and lasting partnerships are more likely with the smaller guy.  Investing in the small IT firm partnership can pay big dividends in the future.

By: Jim Gardner