The IT Professional: Choosing an IT Staffing Firm to Work With

by Anastasia C. Valentine on January 2, 2013



If you are an experienced, well-qualified IT professional, there are countless staffing firms petitioning for your skill. Given the constancy of market volatility, it is essential to partner with a reputable staffing firm in order to maximize your potential and ensure future success. With meaningful employment the ultimate goal, it could be tempting to partner with a less than respectable staffing firm as a means towards gainful employment. However, when partnering with a staff augmentation firm, how do you know they’re reputable and trustworthy?

When evaluating prospective employers, make sure to review the tangibles as well as the intangibles to determine trust and credibility. Obviously, the position at hand is the most immediately tangible item to consider. While the contract may be a good fit for your current repertoire of skills, it may not provide enhancement to your overall skillset. Make sure that each contracted assignment not only benefits your technical background, but also provides new experiences in industry verticals that can provide niche expertise. For example, healthcare and mobile technologies are both industry sub-sectors that are in high demand now and into the foreseeable future.

In addition to the assignment details, other tangible items to address include the staffing firm’s history and business processes. Do your homework and research the firm to determine its size, financial history, and client base. This extra effort will help determine which staffing firm has potential for longevity and which may be good for only one assignment. Visit their offices and meet the internal staff before making a final decision.

In addition to the perceptible items, pay specific attention to those items that are less tangible, such as the company dynamic and makeup of the individuals they currently employ. Talk to other contractors who have worked for the firm to understand their experiences so that you can better align your own. If you discover the bulk of contractors possess only a typical type of expertise, for example, your skills may not align well with the overall corporate direction.

Visit with the company to engage with the sales and recruiting teams. Get to know your account executive and establish a close rapport with him or her so that you can position yourself for future opportunities, as well as to assist with business development opportunities. It’s essential to understand the firm’s positioning, best practices, and customer servicing standards.

The IT marketplace is burgeoning with growth and change not seen in decades. For the skilled consultant the opportunity is broad, but aligning with a reputable staffing firm is the only way to ensure your career progresses in the right direction.

By: Anastasia Valentine