How Much Does a Bad Hire Cost?

by Kristen Long on April 26, 2016


As business leaders, we all calculate our cost of doing business differently. Many executives consider the cost of hiring employees to be a part of this formula. While no one is 100% perfect at hiring, if employee turnover happens enough, it will leave you asking the inevitable question: How much does a bad hire cost? […]


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Is the Interview Enough to Determine a Candidate’s Cultural Fit?

by Anastasia C. Valentine on February 17, 2016


According to, a record 78% of hiring managers are planning to hire tech talent this year.  Currently, we’re under no delusions about just how competitive the market for IT professionals has become. Every industry and sector demands key technology players to keep their business ahead of the game. The right combination of skills and […]


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Resource 1 Announces New Account Executive, Kristen Long

by Resource 1 on January 28, 2016


Resource 1, an established Information Technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce the addition of one of their newest team members, Kristen Long. Kristen has over 18 years of experience building client relationships for businesses throughout the greater Chicagoland area. This extensive experience has led to her position as an Account Manager on the Enterprise […]


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How To Customize Your IT Resume For Your Dream Job

by Anastasia C. Valentine on December 17, 2015


Writing a strong technical resume is a true art form.  How do we engage our audience to read past the first three lines of each paragraph to hear what we truly have to say? What keeps a potential employer from reading further? In a 2012 study by, they concluded that “recruiters only spend 6 […]


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Anastasia Valentine, Executive Vice President of Resource1, Recognized as a Leading Woman in Staffing

by Gary R. Moore on October 22, 2015


    Recently, our Executive Vice President Anastasia Valentine was recognized as an accomplished woman in the staffing world. Anastasia has been immersed in the staffing industry for 23 years, starting her first staffing position right after graduating from Northern Illinois University with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. Her drive and […]


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Strategies to Bridge Communication in a Cross Generational Workplace

by Anastasia C. Valentine on October 5, 2015


  How do you clearly communicate anything in a workplace that mixes two or more generations? Today’s workforce is a diverse tribe of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, presenting an unparalleled challenge to companies large and small. Each generation comes with its own workplace advantages and disadvantages. The key to communicating with different generations […]


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