Resource 1:1 with Emily McCleery

by Resource 1 on May 31, 2023


Our Resource 1:1 interviews are a fun opportunity to get a sneak peek into the lives and interests of our team members. This week we’re introducing Emily McCleery, Account Manager at Resource 1.


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Resource 1:1 with Rachel Wilkosz

by Resource 1 on May 4, 2023


We’re excited to introduce Rachel Wilkosz, Human Resources Assistant at Resource 1. Learn about her life, interests, and favorite parts of work.


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Resource 1:1 with Denise Blackbourn

by Resource 1 on March 8, 2023


We are thrilled to introduce Denise Blackbourn, Senior Account Manager at Resource 1. Read on to find out more about who she is and why she loves being part of our team.


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6 Top Tech Trends and How They Impact Your Business

by John A. Mussatto on February 20, 2023


Info-Tech Research Group asserts that CIOs must act like a chess grandmaster, strategizing to unleash the power of emerging technologies while protecting against volatility. With their eyes perpetually on their core business objectives, business and technology leaders have at hand a wide spectrum of technology trends that can present an opportunity to level up. Here […]


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Reflecting on History as Resource 1 Celebrates 40 Years in Business

by Resource 1 on January 12, 2023


As 2022 came slowly to a close, the Resource 1 team gathered for their annual business meeting and end-of-year party with an extra special reason to celebrate: 2022 marked their 40th year in business. Given the number of challenges that have faced the business world over the last few years and decades, the team has […]


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