Resource 1:1 with Kelli Judd

by Resource 1 on October 5, 2023


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At its core, Resource 1 is focused on prioritizing people and relationships. Our Resource 1:1s are a fun way to introduce some of the people who are integral to our team. Today we’re introducing Kelli Judd.

Kelli is the Marketing and Technology Associate at Resource 1 and uses her passion for learning and technology to train company users on new software, ensure updates are rolling out smoothly, and research and evaluate new technologies. She is a tremendous asset to the company, and we’re thrilled to introduce her on the blog today.

What did you want to be when you grew up? And what was your first job?

It’s not the usual answer you hear to this question, but I wanted to be a dentist when I was a child because I liked my dentist so much! I later went to school for journalism and then switched to biology and then graduated with a degree in anthropology. Today I work in technology. My very first job was working at my dad’s office where I helped reorganize the entire manual filing system—I’ve always liked improving things.

How did you find yourself at Resource 1?

I got a call from a recruiter one day and began interviewing with the Resource 1 team. I spoke with Rachel and Holly and then Anastasia and the rest of the leadership team. I got along with everyone and really enjoyed it. They asked great questions, and we talked about a lot of different topics—it wasn’t a typical job interview.

What do you love most about working for Resource 1?

I love constantly learning. It’s really fun, I’m never bored, and I’m always challenged in a positive way. I like trying to keep up with everything and everyone—it’s a constant quest for knowledge.

If you could master one skill you don’t have, what would it be?

I think coding would be a really useful skill to have—maybe I’d learn Python. I’d also still love to go to grad school one day, maybe in anthropology.

What’s a hobby you have that few people know about?

Yoga. I do yoga all the time. At work, I’m always sitting, so I need to stretch—I especially love Vinyasa flow. I get bored if I’m not constantly moving. I also read a lot and like to practice my writing skills. Also, I’m a really good cook. My family is Italian, so I enjoy making Italian-inspired food with a twist.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The Golden Rule—treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I would start a charity—one that would give every person and area of the world more access to education and technology.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I swam with sharks while I was in Mexico. We were on a tiny speedboat on choppy water, and I learned I get insanely seasick—but the sharks were amazing. Some were huge and some were tiny, and it was so fun to see.

What song is the soundtrack of your life?

“You’re My Best Friend” by Queen. It was the first song my dad put on my iPod when I was younger.

If you could hop on a plane to anywhere, where would you go?

Paris, France to see the Louvre. In general, I want to go to Europe and experience the history, but if I had to pick just one place, it would be the Louvre.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

I’d be hanging out with my friends while also making time to get errands and chores done. I’d go to the gym, as well as the farmer’s market. Maybe I’d try new restaurants or bars with friends—we’re foodies!

What is the last picture you took on your phone?

Pasta! It’s what I cooked for dinner last night.


Kelli, thank you so much for sharing a peek behind the scenes of your life! To find out more about Kelli’s role at Resource 1, you can find her bio here.