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The Benefits of Independent Contracting in the Tech Industry

by Resource 1 on May 1, 2024


In our recent article about what IT professionals are looking for in new opportunities, we explored the elements of compensation, skills development, and flexibility, all of which coincide with the benefits of becoming an independent IT contractor.   The technology field is flush with contract opportunities. Employers often choose to hire contractors for short-term projects, like […]


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What Tech Professionals Are Looking for in Their Next IT Opportunity

by Resource 1 on March 5, 2024


Even after 2023’s big tech layoffs from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta, unemployment in the technology sector remains low. Skilled IT professionals are in high demand and can be very selective when looking for their next IT opportunity. When it comes to finding and hiring top IT talent in 2024, tech professionals often […]


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Resource 1:1 with Holly Utter

by Resource 1 on December 14, 2023


For over 40 years, the backbone of Resource 1, of its growth and success, has been its team. People are at the core of our business, and our Resource 1:1s are a fun opportunity to find out more about who these people are. Today we’re introducing Holly Utter. Holly is the Chief Operations Officer at […]


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How to Maximize Flat IT Budgets

by Resource 1 on November 15, 2023


Economic turbulence has defined much of 2023. The year began with projections of a recession across every news headline. That recession never materialized, though uncertainty remains. As the year draws to a close, economists predict positive but weak growth in 2024. Business leaders are moving forward with a significant measure of caution about budgetary planning. […]


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Resource 1:1 with Kelli Judd

by Resource 1 on October 5, 2023


At its core, Resource 1 is focused on prioritizing people and relationships. Our Resource 1:1s are a fun way to introduce some of the people who are integral to our team. Today we’re introducing Kelli Judd. Kelli is the Marketing and Technology Associate at Resource 1 and uses her passion for learning and technology to […]


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Resource 1:1 with Allison Drechny

by Resource 1 on September 12, 2023


At Resource 1, we know what a difference it makes to work alongside a team of people who you enjoy spending time with. Our Resource 1:1 interviews provide a fun peek behind the scenes to get to know each of our team members. Today, we’re excited to showcase Allison Drechny, a Recruiting Associate at Resource […]


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