7 Competitive Strategies for Hiring Top IT Consultants

by Anastasia C. Valentine on February 5, 2019




Are you hiring IT talent in 2019? If so, understanding the current market will be critical to your success. Consider the following statistics when deciding your next move:

  • IT unemployment stands at just 2.9 percent
  • IT staffing revenue is on track to surpass $32 billion in 2019, doubling in market size since 2009.
  • Cybersecurity professionals, cloud architects, data scientists, and software engineers top the list as the hardest positions to recruit for, with cybersecurity positions accounting for 1.5 million job openings alone.

These statistics indicate a dynamic shift in the IT talent market. Technology is evolving at unprecedented rates, and demand for IT professionals is soaring, yet the supply of talent is falling extremely short of demand.

For companies who are still operating with the same talent acquisition approach as they were a few years ago, the challenge to attract and retain top IT talent will be significant. However, while today’s marketplace conditions make recruitment difficult, there are several strategic approaches you can implement to improve your success when hiring IT consultants.

Our most recent eBook, “The IT Talent Shift”, explores the following seven areas:

1. How Competitive Are Your Current IT Rates?
2. Are You Being Realistic About Contract Length?
3. Is the Length of Your Interview Process Turning Consultants Away?
4. Is Your Start Date a Detractor to the Recruiting Process?
5. Are You Forgetting About Consultant Retention?
6. Are You Avoiding These Common Deal Breakers?
7. Do You Have a Strategic Partner?

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