Time to Reminisce: Steve Boes Retires After 22 Years with Resource 1

by Resource 1 on August 2, 2016



Steve Boes, Senior Account Executive, was happy to begin his retirement on July 1st after 22 years working at Resource 1.  We caught up with Steve to reflect on his career and time at Resource 1.

When asked about how his job had evolved since he first started with Resource 1, Steve was quick to point out that both the company and the staffing industry have changed dramatically over the years.  When he first started in 1994, there was limited networking capabilities for file sharing, scanning resumes into applicant tracking systems (ATS) was a time consuming process, and fax machines were leading edge.  As technologies emerged over the years, Steve and his team members found themselves making the shift from file drawers and newspaper ads to leveraging the best CRM/ATS platforms in the marketplace today.

Steve also remembers a time before technology exploded in the staffing industry, when face-to-face social networking was critical to success. Effective recruitment relied entirely on knowing people who could refer you to the consultants and clients you needed.  Building solid, long-term business relationships was essential in order to be a success in the industry. While the same is true today, Steve admits that it’s mindboggling to see the changes in the way networking occurs, which is primarily through social media.

When asked why he has stayed with Resource 1 for so long, Steve says, “It is definitely the long lasting client and consultant relationships I’ve built over the years. Good relationships mean both success and a lot of fun.”

With that said, Steve’s advice to Millennials is, “Although it’s important to foster some kind of technical inclination, because everything today is driven by technology, your desktop (or mobile device) isn’t the only place to be. You still need to get out from behind your desk, immerse yourself in your customers, client sites, and tradeshows. This industry is first and foremost about people.”

Steve’s plans for retirement are to stay involved with a couple of start-up companies that have some exciting products for the market. Additionally, his son and daughter-in-law just had their first baby, so he’ll be busy with grandfather duty!

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