Resource 1 Supports Team with Care Packages to Facilitate the Return to the Workplace

by Resource 1 on June 29, 2020




Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the United States in March, most of the country has been operating under a “new normal” to slow the spread of this highly infectious disease and protect those most vulnerable. Businesses quickly adapted to run their operations remotely, employees created makeshift desks and home offices, parents learned to juggle working from home and childcare. While the changes might not have been easy, by now this new reality has begun to feel almost normal.

The Resource 1 team had been working remotely for the past several months, with technology enabling a seamless transition. On May 14, 2020, Governor Pritzker announced that Illinois was on track to move into Phase 3 of his reopening plan. Because Resource 1 values our corporate culture and community of being together, the news of Phase 3 progression prompted Resource 1 to prepare to return to our Oak Brook office, establishing yet another “new normal” for our internal staff. New guidelines were established with many changes to our typical workplace protocol. A staggered schedule between remote work and in-person work, mouth and nose coverings, restricted common areas, and one-way directionality for entering and exiting the office has become a part of our everyday life. We have learned how to be together but still safely apart.

While our internal staff has returned to the workplace with confidence, we recognize that the consultants on our Resource 1 team may be planning a return to their respective offices as well. With this in mind, the internal Resource 1 team provided our consultants with care packages, hoping to relieve some of the uncertainty that surrounds returning to the workplace.

These care packages are meant to supplement Resource 1’s consultant’s supply of personal protective equipment to aid in their return to the workplace. At Resource 1, we care not only about our consultants’ careers, but also for their wellbeing. These packages contain a washable mask, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pair of gloves, and helpful health and safety tips as an addition to our consultant’s personal stash of PPE. The packages also contain some candy and a bag of microwave popcorn as a fun treat for the families of the consultants!

As everyone returns to the office, it is imperative that we all continue taking precautions to minimize the spread of the virus and protect ourselves and those around us. At Resource 1, we continue to support our team as they continue to work from home or make the return to the workplace.

“Our employees and consultants are the backbone of our business. We are grateful for all their continued hard work throughout this time at home, and we are thankful to be able to supply them with these care packages as they return to the workplace. We remain dedicated to supporting and serving our business partners and IT communities through this unprecedented time.” – Anastasia C. Valentine, President of Resource 1


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