Resource 1 Partners with Chicago’s Pritzker College Prep School for Annual Career Exploration Day

by Resource 1 on June 24, 2019



At Resource 1, we work with talented IT professionals who have an unparalleled passion for technology and a commitment to drive the innovations of today into a new era. For many, their interest in technology was sparked by the resources and support they received growing up.

This is why we were honored to partner with Pritzker College Prep for a third time for their annual Sophomore Career Exploration Day. Located on the West side of the city of Chicago, over 90% of Pritzker College Prep graduates enroll in higher-education programs as first-generation college students. Sophomore Career Exploration Day was developed to enable students to learn more about different career options before their junior and senior years of high school. This proactive approach allows the students to thoroughly explore their interests before applying to colleges.

This year, the Resource 1 team had the pleasure of hosting 24 of Pritzker College Prep’s sophomore students. While with us, these students had the opportunity to not only learn about Resource 1, they also were able to learn about the many ways in which their career could impact their future.

“I really enjoyed that the Resource 1 speakers talked about everything we needed to know on how to achieve a specific career,” one student commented. “It is cool that Resource 1 has worked with some companies that we know today!” stated another student.

During their time at the Resource 1 office, the students also heard from senior leaders at neighboring companies, such as Continental Energy Services, which works in oil and energy, Emerald Valley Farms, which works in agriculture producing corn, soybeans, wheat, and pecans, and lastly Whitnell, a wealth management firm. After discussions with our staff and a tour of the office, the games kicked off. First, our team quizzed the students on the different aspects of STEM and emerging technologies. After the technology quiz, Whitnell stopped by to lead a seminar focused on career planning with regards to personal finances. This exercise aimed to give students an idea of how much their needs and wants actually cost, and if their career choice would cater to that lifestyle.

“It is important to expose students to many different career possibilities at a young age,” said Resource 1’s Executive Vice President, Jim Gardner. “After they are inspired to follow a certain path, it is up to us to provide assistance and support throughout their journey.”

Like last year, Pritzker’s visit to Resource 1 was a rewarding experience for both the students and our team. “We look forward to a continued partnership with Pritzker College Prep,” said Resource 1’s President, Anastasia Valentine. “After meeting this group of students, it is safe to say the future is as bright as ever!”