What Should You Be Looking for in an IT Staffing Partner?

by Anastasia C. Valentine on February 9, 2017




Executive leaders, especially those in the IT function, are confronted daily by the challenges that arise from the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and enterprise-level digitalization. It’s a trend that leads to increased concern regarding cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy. These vulnerabilities are heightened when companies choose to leverage the advantages of open source technology and other cutting edge tools in the realm of business intelligence, big data, mobility and the Internet of Things. Although these technologies help drive business decisions, streamline operational efficiencies and leverage market opportunities, it is imperative to address the associated risks these technologies pose to the entire organization.

At the core of this predicament is the difficulty of recruiting the technical professionals needed to manage, execute, and support critical projects. Leaders are faced with a shortage of talent, caused by three main issues: an increased demand in the IT field, a lack of STEM initiatives for youth, and push back from Congress regarding H1B visas for global talent. These challenges are more than enough reason to seek out the benefits of a staffing partner. Establishing an effective partnership depends upon finding a firm with robust and strategic recruitment processes, which allows leaders to refocus their own efforts on mitigating risk and achieving growth. The question, then, is what does a true IT staffing partner look like? What should you be looking for in a partnership?

A Commitment to Quality

The staffing industry is regrettably tarnished by firms that are willing to sacrifice quality in the name of growth. Although many larger organizations are turning to VMS models to support their workforce needs, a staffing firm’s over-reliance on VMS business inevitably leads to substandard processes in their non-VMS business. They easily forget the value of relationship-based business, which means they lose sight of what it takes to genuinely learn about your company and recruit top talent.

On the other hand, a boutique IT staffing firm knows that a best-fit hire can only be made when its team remains committed to high-value, relationship-based business. The Rolodex may be dead and staffing technology may be thriving, but at the heart of a sound staffing partnership lies genuine interaction and time-tested strategy. These firms avoid shortcuts and are not afraid to spend the time getting to know your environment, culture, and business goals in order to make the right match.

A True Understanding of Technology

A recruiter or sales representative whose technical knowledge does not extend past the keywords in the job description is not a person who can effectively fill an open technical position. Finding the best IT candidates on the market requires an intimate understanding of current technology trends as well as the technical ecosystem of the client. Big data, DevOps and cybersecurity are not just industry buzzwords. The best staffing partners understand how these trends fit into the big picture and what it takes to find the right balance of skills and experience for positions in these fields.

When you are seeking an effective IT staffing partner, look for sales representatives and recruiters who can identify a great resume without having to scan for keywords. They are the ones who can hold a conversation with the candidate about their technical abilities without having to resort to Google. They will be the ones who ask you the targeted questions about your technical environment, requirements and ideal candidates.

A Commitment to their Consultants

The stereotypical used car salesman only cares about getting cars off the lot and never seeing them again. A staffing firm that follows suit with their consultants is a company’s worst nightmare. What you should be looking for in an IT staffing partner is a firm that is committed to the care and best interests of their candidates and consultants. When projects finish, consultants return to that firm time and time again for new opportunities. It is a level of loyalty that delivers confidence in the level of talent a staffing firm can provide.

Low Internal Turnover

High consultant retention is vital, but internal employee retention is just as important. Most of us have had the experience of being assigned a new representative with an existing vendor due to sporadic turnover. The process of starting over with that new representative is arduous and, quite frankly, a waste of time. A truly valuable IT staffing partner is one whose core team members are committed to their employer and to their clients. When you call your appointed salesperson, you know who you are talking to and working with every time. Low internal turnover is a reassuring indicator that your staffing partner will always have a deep understanding of your business and environment, in order to place the best talent.

Looking for an IT Staffing Partner?

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