Reflecting on History as Resource 1 Celebrates 40 Years in Business

by Resource 1 on January 12, 2023


Resource 1 40th anniversary


As 2022 came slowly to a close, the Resource 1 team gathered for their annual business meeting and end-of-year party with an extra special reason to celebrate: 2022 marked their 40th year in business. Given the number of challenges that have faced the business world over the last few years and decades, the team has every reason to be proud of this accomplishment—it is a mark of resiliency, innovation, and vision.

As the team prepared for 2023, we asked Resource 1’s leaders to reflect on their time with the company.

Favorite Memories with Resource 1

“My favorite memories are any time we have had fun together as a team,” said Jim Loizzi, Director of Technical Recruiting at Resource 1. Jim Gardner, Manager Partner and EVP of Business Development, agreed, saying, “some of the best memories are from our Annual Planning Meeting, when we take time to review our goals and plan for the following year. We also mix in a lot of games and team building activities, and there are always a ton of laughs, especially during our epic rounds of Left Right Center!”

Our Human Resources Manager, Marcy Link, shared her favorite memories, which are similar. She said, “We have a strong culture at Resource 1, and it shines especially bright during the holidays. A lot of thought goes into our holiday gifts for each consultant, client, and employee at Resource 1. We always have a nice holiday party, a tree-trimming pizza party, and stocking gifts from each department.”

At the core of these memories are the relationships that have built Resource 1. John Mussatto, Director of Technical Recruiting, added that “each and every relationship carries fond memories and has helped mold me into the professional I am today.”

Witnessing the Pace of Technology

Jim Loizzi shared that over his years at Resource 1, he has been most surprised by the evolution of technology. “Every day I learn something new,” he said. “The only constant in our industry is change,” commented John Mussatto; “We need to keep one eye on the economy and the other eye on the cloud.”

The pace of technology has led to a highly competitive talent market. Jim Loizzi said that the talent shortage is definitely the biggest challenge to overcome. Jim Gardner added that “every company, regardless of industry, is a technology company and understands that their technology is a strategic differentiator versus a cost center. IT human capital will continue to be in strong demand and relatively low supply, so the war for talent will continue.”

For Resource 1 and other IT staff augmentation and consulting companies, John said, “they will need to leverage their own internal technology to secure talent.” Resource 1 has been in the game a long time, leading the sector as an early adopter of cutting-edge recruitment technology—but what lies ahead? “Our leadership at Resource 1 is constantly reviewing the data for trends about where the industry is heading,” Jim Gardner added. “I believe that the need for IT contract resources will continue to increase over the next several years as companies want a flexible workforce that can scale with market conditions and as they go through digital transformation and modernization.”

Standing the Test of Time

“I believe Resource 1 has stood the test of time because of the hard work of our employees and their commitment to understanding technology,” said John Mussatto. “Our success is a direct reflection of our people.”

Jim Loizzi concurred, saying, “It’s essential to know your tech and be able to have meaningful conversations. It’s important for every candidate to have a good experience throughout our process.”

“We understand our place in the IT market,” Jim Gardner added. “We know how to deliver the most value for our clients and focus on that, understanding that we cannot be all things to all people.”

It is about more than technology, though. “I’m a big believer in leading with our core values,” said Jim Gardner. “We are always going to lead with the mindset of doing what is right for our consultants and clients, regardless of whether that results in business or not. The relationships and reputation we have built over the last 40 years are the reasons for our success.”

Learning from 40 years in Business

“The learning never stops,” said Jim Gardner. “I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best leaders during my time here. I’ve learned that you have to really know your identity as a company and stick to that. I’ve also learned how important it is to establish a great culture of teamwork, accountability, success, and fun.”

Marcy Link agreed, saying, “I’ve been with Resource 1 for over 17 years and there’s a huge reason for that: our team.” She ended with some advice for other women leaders trying to grow their careers and business: “Always speak up. Never be afraid to share your thoughts; stand strong and speak with confidence. Be proud of who you are and let it show.”

Giving Back to Our Communities

Resource 1’s 40th anniversary is a huge accomplishment, but it has only been possible through the commitment of our people and the support of our communities. It is important for our team to give back and dedicate both time and monetary investment toward philanthropic efforts.

At the 2022 Annual Party, Resource 1 had the opportunity to team up with Photos for Food to raise $500 to help feed families in need. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Beyond Hunger, a food pantry serving Oak Park, River Forest, and 11 other surrounding communities.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Resource 1

A special thanks goes out to all our clients, consultants, leaders, and team members for helping to make this special anniversary possible. Here’s to the next forty years!