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How to Maximize Flat IT Budgets

by Resource 1 on November 15, 2023


Economic turbulence has defined much of 2023. The year began with projections of a recession across every news headline. That recession never materialized, though uncertainty remains. As the year draws to a close, economists predict positive but weak growth in 2024. Business leaders are moving forward with a significant measure of caution about budgetary planning. […]


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Resource 1 Supports Family-Owned Restaurant Sip Barrington in Donating Daily Meals to Hospital Workers

by Resource 1 on May 6, 2020


Beginning as early as mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed everyone to adjust to a “new norm.” For some people, this means acclimating to work-from-home life while juggling childcare. For children, school has been replaced with eLearning and play dates are held over Zoom. For local business owner, TammyLynn Brewer, and her family, life has […]


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What Are You Really Saying with Your Body Language? Take Our Quiz to Find Out.

by Anastasia C. Valentine on February 13, 2019


As professionals, we are careful to weigh the potential impact of our words. We rehearse pitches, prepare perfectly calculated answers to questions, and spend precious time mulling over past conversations. We constantly ask ourselves if we are using the right words to leave a positive impression. While it is true that spoken language is the foundation of […]


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